Wagner Super Finish SF21 with Hopper wood & Metal Set Up 230v
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Wagner Finish Control 4000 XVLP Cordless 18V with Finefinish Head Kit paintshack.co.uk
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The WAGNER Vector Pro is the ideal airless gun for applying a wide range of paints, emulsion paints and latex paints. The gun is easy to operate thanks to its light trigger, 1-finger safety slide and swivel joint. Paintshack.co.uk
The WAGNER Vector Grip is the ideal airless gun for the application of a wide range of paints, emulsion paints and latex paints. Paintshack.co.uk
The WAGNER AG 14 airless gun creates a reliable maximum spraying pressure of 270 bar and is therefore ideal for highly viscous spraying materials such as fillers, adhesives, flame retardants and bitumen. Paintshack.co.uk
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The WAGNER VECTOR Infinity airless gun is the ideal accessory for large projects. paintshack.co.uk
Wagner Vector Infinity
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Caparol Multiple buy Discount White 2.5lt - paintshack
Caparol Haftprimer Adhesion, High Opacity Primer/Undercoat - paintshack
Caparol Pu-Matt for Wood & Metal Interior (Waterbased) Low Sheen Eggshell Finish - paintshack
Caparol Pu Satin for Wood & Metal Interior & Exterior (Waterbased) - paintshack
Caparol Pu-Gloss for Wood & Metal Interior & Exterior (Waterbased) - paintshack
Caparol Amphibolin Universal Interior & Exterior Durable paint (5-10% Sheen) - paintshack
Antinox/Correx Contractor Pack Recycled Premium Protection Board plastic sheets paintshack.co.uk
This 2″ heavy-duty tape covers <span style="text-decoration: underline;">X-Board</span><span>&nbsp;and <span style="text-decoration: underline;">X-Paper </span></span>seams quickly and easily to provide superior surface protection on any work area.  paintshack.co.uk
Trimaco’s X-Paper is a heavy duty construction paper. It provides temporary floor protection against water spills, paint splatters, scratches and foot traffic. It’s thicker than regular builder’s paper and red rosin paper, yet breathable to allow floors to continue the curing process. Paintshack
Applying surface protection may seem like a simple task but paying attention to the details will help ensure your floors are properly protected throughout your job. We’ve compiled a list of steps below to help when applying our popular and durable temporary floor protection board, Paintshack
Trimaco Easy Mask Masking Brown Paper - paintshack
Masking Brown Paper
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Trimaco Easy Mask Premium Masking Film - paintshack
ISOLAC ALL-PRIMER is a next-generation, white, acrylic water-based primer formulated to provide ultimate adhesion for subsequent coats of paint over interior or exterior glossy, non-absorbent surfaces where common primers would fail. It can be overcoated with emulsion or acrylic paints, the ISOLAC-AQUA ECO water-based enamels, or the solvent-based enamels from the ISOLAC range. It provides easy, low-odor application while delivering uniform hiding power, effectively blocking old stains. paintshack.co.uk
ISOMAT CEILING PAINT is a flat matt water- based emulsion paint for use on interior ceilings.  Its ultra low sheen level reduces light reflectance significantly, making it perfect for hiding surface imperfections. paintshack.co.uk
Isomat white primer 2 in 1 Emulsion paint waterbased walls adhesion paintshack.co.uk
Isomat Premium Colour Matt (Classic) 20'000 scrub - paintshack.co.uk walls emulsion durable scrub resistant flat finish paint
Isomat Professional Colour Matt 2000 Scrubs Emulsion (Classic) - paintshack
Isomat Aqua Enamel Paint Eggshell Finish (Woodwork) paint - paintshack.co.uk
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