Caparol Haftprimer Adhesion, High Opacity Primer/Undercoat - paintshack
Caparol Pu Satin for Wood & Metal Interior & Exterior (Waterbased) - paintshack
Caparol Multiple buy Discount White 2.5lt - paintshack
Caparol Amphibolin Universal Interior & Exterior Durable paint (5-10% Sheen) - paintshack
Caparol Indeko-plus Premium High Opacity Matt Emulsion 2.5% Sheen - paintshack
Caparol Pu-Matt for Wood & Metal Interior (Waterbased) Low Sheen Eggshell Finish - paintshack
Isomat Premium Colour Matt (Classic) 20'000 scrub - paintshack
Isomat Professional Colour Matt 2000 Scrubs Emulsion (Classic) - paintshack
Isomat Bath & Kitchen 20,000 Scrubs Anti mould  Matt Emulsion - paintshack
Isomat Aqua Enamel Paint Satin finish (Woodwork) - paintshack
Isomastic-A Caulk White 280ml - paintshack
Isomat Acryl Stucco Paintshack Ready-mixed, acrylic skim coat filler. Ideal for repairs to most building materials including plaster, concrete, masonry, wood, gypsum board and cement board. Easy-to-apply and can be sanded down to a smooth, even surface, ready for priming and painting in 2-3 hours. For interior and exterior use.
Hamilton Prestige Synthetic Brushes (5PCS) - paintshack
Hamilton Perfection 9" 6pc Roller Set with free Brush - paintshack
Hamilton Perfection Medium pile Roller Sleeves 9 & 12" - paintshack
Hamilton Perfection Long pile Roller Sleeves 9 & 12" - paintshack
Hamilton Prestige Poly Backed Cotton Dust Sheets 12"x 9" (3.6 x 2.7m) - paintshack
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