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From furniture to walls, garden fences, construction machinery, mobile phones, wheel rims, leather sofas and perfume bottles - there are very few objects that cannot be coated. The surface of an object helps to determine its function, durability and attractiveness. With innovative coating technologies for the application of paints, wet coatings, powder coatings and other liquid materials, WAGNER has been helping to raise the standard of surface finishes all over the world for more than 60 years.

Back in 1953, the company's founder Josef Wagner developed the first "airless" electric paint spraying gun, called the "Whisker". Today, WAGNER surface finishing technologies are used in the DIY, trade and industry sectors - from small, hand-held paint spraying systems to professional units for trade applications and industrial enamelling lines. The portfolio offers also bonding, sealing and potting including injection molding. With our two Divisions, Decorative Finishing and Industrial Solutions, we cover the full spectrum. WAGNER's cost-effective, reliable and user-friendly products and solutions are distinguished by their high standards of quality and pioneering technologies. These innovative products and our global service network have established WAGNER as a leading suppliers in the surface finishing market. The WAGNER Group has a global presence with approxitmately1,500 employees, 17 operating companies and around 300 WAGNER sales agencies in international markets.

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Wagner Super Finish SF21 with Hopper wood & Metal Set Up 230v
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Wagner SteamForce Speed Pro hay steamer
Wagner H 126 temp spray heat hose woodwork metal work Paintshack Spray spraying  Heated hose caparol paintshack.co.uk
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The WAGNER Vector Pro is the ideal airless gun for applying a wide range of paints, emulsion paints and latex paints. The gun is easy to operate thanks to its light trigger, 1-finger safety slide and swivel joint. Paintshack.co.uk
The WAGNER Vector Grip is the ideal airless gun for the application of a wide range of paints, emulsion paints and latex paints. Paintshack.co.uk
The WAGNER AG 14 airless gun creates a reliable maximum spraying pressure of 270 bar and is therefore ideal for highly viscous spraying materials such as fillers, adhesives, flame retardants and bitumen. Paintshack.co.uk
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Wagner Finish Control 4000 XVLP Cordless 18V with Finefinish Head Kit paintshack.co.uk
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The Wagner Temp Spray H226 provides the benefits of temperature regulation. Heated systems improve spray and coating properties, even when spraying highly viscous material Specially designed for emulsions, Paintshack
The Wagner Temp Spray H326 provides the benefits of temperature regulation. Heated system improve spray and coating properties, even when spraying highly viscous materials. This helps reduce material consumption with low overspray and much more besides. Specially designed for emulsions, Paintshack
Tip extensions give you extra reach for spraying soffits, high ceiling and reduce back fatigue when spraying floors and decks. Moving the spray head away from you also keeps you and your equipment cleaner. paintshack.co.uk
Wagner Tip Holder and Guard - paintshack
Wagner HEA Low Pressure Airless Tips - paintshack
Wagner TradeTip 3 Fine Finish Airless Tips - paintshack
Wagner Finish Control FC5500 XVLP & Guns - paintshack.co.uk
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Wagner HVLP Fine Coat 9900 plus Paintshack.co.uk
The Power Painter 90 Extra is a perfect construction site companion when it comes to the Airless spraying. Thanks to the established piston pump technology paintshack.co.uk
Wagner SF23 Pro Diaphragm Airless Spray Pump - paintshack
Wagner SF23 Plus Diaphragm Airless Spray Pump including pump runner - paintshack
Wagner Air Boost AB100 AB 100 paintshack.co.uk
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Wagner SF23 diaphragm Pump Hopper 5lt yellow paintshack.co.uk
Wagner 20lt hopper available at paintshack.
Wagner Split gun 600ml spraying hvlp airless paintshack.co.uk
Wagner split gun 1000ml 1lt hvlp spraying paint airless paintshack.co.uk
Wagner AirCoat gun AC 4600 Professional - paintshack
This adaptor will let you use Airless tips (Wagner, Titan or Tritech ) with your Air Assisted Gun then you will need this, paintshack
For fog-free spraying: NESPRI TwinTip nozzles have two nozzle orafices one directly above the other – For a perfect spray patternwith high material throughput even in low pressure ranges. Guaranteed mist-free thanks to the use of the NESPRI spray device incombination with the NESPRI TwinTip and NESPRI paints from Caparol. Different sizes are available to adapt ideally to the relevantenvironment. paintshack.co.uk
Wagner Nespri Double Tip
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Wagner Gun filter 10 pk - paintshack
Wagner Cage filter 10 pk Cage filters for GM 4700, GM 1, Flexcontrol Smart and inline filters. Filter type S with nominal pressure of 530 bar Paintshack
Wagner AirCoat ACF3000 Nozzles - paintshack
Wagner AirCoat Aircaps for 4000 Series guns - paintshack
Wagner Spray Heads for XVLP Machines - paintshack
Wagner XVLP Pot & Lid - paintshack
Wagner XVLP Pot & Lid
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Wagner XVLP Suction Mesh Filters for XVLP (3500, 5000) - paintshack
Xvlp Gun O-rings - 2323934
Wagner XVLP Check Valve 2304027 - paintshack
Wagner XVLP 3500 Air Filters 2343947 - paintshack
Wagner XVLP FC5000 Air Filters - paintshack
Wagner XVLP Needle 1.8mm (NAST & Fine Finish) - paintshack
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TipClean  Touch-free cleaning and clean storage. paintshack.co.uk
TipClean Touch-free cleaning and clean storage. paintshack.co.uk
Wagner Easy Glide Piston Lube 118ml
Wagner Pump cleaner Easyclean easy clean paintshack 1lt
Divinol Hvi Iso 15 - Diaphragm Pump Hydraulic oil Wagner SF23 SF 31 Cobra F230 Paintshack spray machines diaphragm pumps
Wagner Double Male 1/4" NSP to connect standard airless hoses together - paintshack
Wagner Metal Braided 1m 1/4" NSP to fit Standard Airless Hose - paintshack
Wagner HP-Airless Hose-DN4 1/4" 7,5m
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Wagner HP-hose-DN6-PN270-M16x1.5-15m  Airless high-pressure hose from WAGNER 15m hose are available with diameter DN6. (6mm)  This is the perfect hose for emulsion and smooth masonry paints and will fit all Trade airless machines. paintshack.co.uk
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Wagner Service set kit 4600 4700 gun repair paintshack
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