Beissier Fillers (Prestonett)


The PRESTONETT® range of products offer a solution for all types of interior & exterior substrate repairs. The characteristics of these products are their ease of use offering a quality finish, which are compatible with all traditional paints.

Choose PRESTONETT® for the permanent assurance of a quality finish.

Today, Beissier products are present across the majority of markets in the European Union, making Beissier a leading manufacturer and distributor of substrate preparation products in Europe.


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Beissier Prestonett Ready Mixed Wood Filler 1kg Paintshack
Beissier Prestonett Powder wood Repair White 1kg Paintshack
Beissier Prestonett Interior & Exterior Ready mixed filler 1kg White Paintshack
Multipurpose filler in powder 5kg Paintshack
Beissier Prestonett Quick-drying filler in powder white Paintshack
Powder waterproof masonry filler grey paintshack
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