Sili Boys Socket Covers

Have you ever used masking tape to cover sockets and switches prior to carrying out painting and decorating jobs?

Most professional decorators would have been doing this for years and would know first hand that it can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Not to mention how wasteful it is. Once you’ve spent all that money on tape, it goes straight into the bin. It’s not great for the environment because the glue used by most tape manufacturers means that the tape is non recyclable, so most ends up in the ground.

So we began to wonder if there could be a quicker, more cost effective and more sustainable way for thousands of decorators and DIY enthusiasts to protect their sockets and switches when decorating in the home or place of work.


Then the eureka moment....

We decided to design a cover that would fit fully over the face of a socket or switch plate. One that's flexible, washable, protective, and reusable. One that would save money and reduce the need to use single use, non-recyclable masking tapes.

After a year of designing, testing, and tweaking the product, we had finally developed the perfect solution to “tape free” protection for electrical sockets and switches. The Sili Boys protective covers were born. 

Designed in the UK, these unique Sili Boys products were the brainchild of a professional decorator and sprayer from Surrey. Not only for personal need, but after recognising the level of waste within the industry. Father of two 'silly boys' (see what we did there….) has made it his mission to provide a better future with innovative and sustainable products for the decorating industry.  

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Sili Boys Socket Covers
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