All products are developed in the company’s own Research and Development laboratories, in order to achieve the best quality at the best possible price. Every year, the Research and Development department works on a series of new products, based on the needs of each target-market, as well as the technological developments in the industry.

In Germany Caparol is the leader in the field of building paints. Also, throughout Europe the brand with the well-known striped-elephant signet is amongst the largest enterprises in the field. With us you will find what you need: High quality paints, enamels, glazes and plasters for inside and out. In addition – energy-saving thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS), acoustic systems and building protection products, floor coatings as well as products for corrosion protection and concrete repairs. A comprehensive product range for the value retention and decoration of buildings Furthermore, we offer many services for painters and plasterers, paint wholesalers, planners, architects and the housing industry. From colour collections, colour schemes, consultancy material, digital services and technical consultancy aids through tinting and construction site services to offers for personal professional development. (new elephant logo 1984) 

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Paintshack Caparol Bulk Deal Haftprimer Pu Satin 2.5lt
Caparol Haftprimer Adhesion, High Opacity Primer/Undercoat
Pu-Matt for Woodwork Interior (Waterbased) Low Sheen Eggshell Finish
Pu-Satin for Woodwork Interior & Exterior (Waterbased)
Pu-Gloss for Woodwork Interior & Exterior (Waterbased) - paintshack
Capacryl Airless-Filler (spray Version)
Capacryl Airless-Satin (spray Version)
Caparol Holz-Isogrund Knot blocking Primer Undercoat - paintshack
CapaDin Premium Contract matt high opacity White - paintshack
Indeko-plus Premium High Opacity Matt Emulsion - paintshack
Amphibolin Interior & Exterior Matt Finish Durable paint - paintshack
PremiumClean Matt Emulsion Stain Resistant - paintshack

25 items

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