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Wagner Super Finish SF21 with Hopper wood & Metal Set Up 230v
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QTech Quick Connect Tip Extension Pack Extend your reach in two clicks.
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QTech iQ Valve & Swivel Eliminates Spitting for Clean Spraying
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Fine Mesh Nylon Paint Strainers 10pk
Door Deckers provides a door painting system, enabling painting both sides and edges of a door at the same time. The horizontal positioning of the door as it is finished allows the application of a heavier mil thickness without runs or sags. Allows the applicator to finish doors at a comfortable working level without stooping or bending. Saves space by allowing the finished doors to be stacked to dry. Ideal for hollow or solid wood doors, hollow metal doors, shutters, and shelves. Paintshack.co.uk
On Edge Drying Adapters is to be used in conjunction with the Door Decker door painting system. Paintshack
Rockler Sure Hook 360  Box of 12 - paintshack
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Rockler Sure Hook Universal Mount Box of 12 - paintshack
Caparol Nespri FIXX Interior Matt Emulsion High Solids Superior coverage - paintshack
This wall emulsion has been designed to be sprayed using airless machines, This paint has very high opacity and contains conditioners to help with flow and finish and reduce overspray.  For mist free spraying you can use Nespri system see below.  High-coverage interior paint for efficient coating in the N
Caparol NAST HaftPrimer (XVLP & HVLP) - paintshack
Caparol Nast Matt spray free technology Paintshack
Caparol NAST Pu Satin (XVLP & HVLP) - paintshack
Caparol Spray-Tec Filler (High Build Coat) Can be applied 4 times thicker than normal coats - paintshack
Caparol Spray Tech Satin (Woodwork) High Build Can be applied 2.5 times thicker - paintshack
Caparol Akkordspachtel SXL Synthetic-resin dispersion filler/Plaster for interior applications. Paintshack
Wagner Tip Holder and Guard - paintshack
Wagner HEA Low Pressure Airless Tips - paintshack
Wagner TradeTip 3 Fine Finish Airless Tips - paintshack
Wagner Gun filter 10 pk - paintshack
Wagner Cage filter 10 pk Cage filters for GM 4700, GM 1, Flexcontrol Smart and inline filters. Filter type S with nominal pressure of 530 bar Paintshack
TipClean  Touch-free cleaning and clean storage. paintshack.co.uk
TipClean Touch-free cleaning and clean storage. paintshack.co.uk
Wagner AirCoat gun AC 4600 Professional - paintshack
Wagner AirCoat ACF3000 Nozzles - paintshack
Wagner AirCoat Aircaps for 4000 Series guns - paintshack
Wagner Finish Control FC5500 XVLP & Guns - paintshack.co.uk
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Wagner XVLP Needle 1.8mm (NAST & Fine Finish) - paintshack
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Wagner XVLP Pot & Lid - paintshack
Wagner XVLP Pot & Lid
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Wagner XVLP FC5000 Air Filters - paintshack
Wagner XVLP 3500 Air Filters 2343947 - paintshack
Wagner XVLP Check Valve 2304027 - paintshack
Wagner XVLP Suction Mesh Filters for XVLP (3500, 5000) - paintshack
Wagner Spray Heads for XVLP Machines - paintshack
Wagner Metal Braided 1m 1/4" NSP to fit Standard Airless Hose - paintshack
Wagner Double Male 1/4" NSP to connect standard airless hoses together - paintshack
Wagner SF23 Pro Diaphragm Airless Spray Pump - paintshack
Wagner SF23 Plus Diaphragm Airless Spray Pump including pump runner - paintshack
Wagner Easy Glide Piston Lube 118ml
Wagner Pump cleaner Easyclean easy clean paintshack 1lt
Wagner SF23 diaphragm Pump Hopper 5lt yellow paintshack.co.uk
2179 High Gloss Black Ral 9005 Rustoleum aerosol 500ml hard hat spray paint paintshack.co.uk
Xvlp Gun O-rings - 2323934
Wagner H 126 temp spray heat hose woodwork metal work Paintshack Spray spraying  Heated hose caparol paintshack.co.uk
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The Wagner Temp Spray H226 provides the benefits of temperature regulation. Heated systems improve spray and coating properties, even when spraying highly viscous material Specially designed for emulsions, Paintshack
This adaptor will let you use Airless tips (Wagner, Titan or Tritech ) with your Air Assisted Gun then you will need this, paintshack
Caparol Special glass fleece made from natural raw materials for reinforcing filler compounds indoors Plaster Paintshack
Wagner Service set kit 4600 4700 gun repair paintshack
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