Two Fussy Blokes

Yes, we’re fussy. But that’s just how we roll.

You could say we’re fussy about painting. Obsessive even. And you’d be right. So when we couldn’t find any painting tools that lived up to our very high standards, we created them.

Like our top-of-the-line, high-density microfiber rollers, made with the highest quality, highest density microfiber in the world and designed to deliver an ultra smooth finish, ultra low splatter and ultra fast paint speed.

Rigorously tested to meet the demands of even the most particular painters,
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Two Fussy Blokes 100mm Mini Roller Handle with 5mm and 10mm Rollers
Two Fussy Blokes Mini Roller Sleeve's 5mm Smooth - paintshack
Two Fussy Blokes Mini Roller Sleeve's 10mm Semi Smooth - paintshack
Two Fussy Blokes 15mm Mini rollers sleeves 4" inch extra long pile Paintshack
Two Fussy Blokes Dacron 9" Roller Sleeves 10mm Semi Smooth Pile 44mm Core
Paintshack Two Fussy Blokes Microfibre 9" Roller sleeve 15mm nap Premium quality
NEW Two Fussy Blokes T-Shirts - paintshack
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