INDASA Professional Sanding Systems

Established in 1979, INDASA has now developed into one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high performance coated abrasive technology.

Our programme of continuous improvement and investment has made the manufacturing plant one of the most modern production facilities in Europe. Fundamental to the Company’s core values is the ability to provide market specific solutions utilising our key areas of expertise in the manufacture of innovative abrasive systems. Only the highest quality raw materials and FEPA compliant mineral grains are used to ensure consistency of performance standards and to maximise customer value.



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Indasa 5mm Random 150mm Orbital Sander E Series
Indasa E-Series Mobile Vacuum Unit
15 Hole Ultravent Backing Pad
15 Hole Ultravent
15 Hole Ultravent
Indasa Rhynosoft 115 x 140mm Box of 20 - paintshack
Rhynosoft Roll 115mm x 25m - paintshack
Indasa Sanding Sponge 115mm x 140mm - paintshack
Indasa Blue Masking Tape MTX Paintshack
INDASA Masking Tape
Indasa Double sided Sponge Pads 122mm x 98mm x 13mm - paintshack
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