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Richard Speed, founder of Speed Painting Tools Inc. , established a paint contracting company based in Amarillo, Texas in 1979. During the course of his painting endeavours he discovered a need for specific equipment that was not commercially available for painting doors - and so Richard designed his first, albeit rudimentary product to assist in his own painting business. This was the birth of the Door Decker finishing system.

Out of this creation, a new avenue for our company was conceived and in 1997, Richard began the development of what he hoped would be a marketable product in the paint sundries industry that would assist other professional painters in saving time and creating high quality finishes. So in 1998 "Speed Painting, Inc." was founded by three of the Speed family members - husband and wife Richard and Mary, and son Dustin. It was their hope to offer professional equipment that was new and innovative, affordable, and of quality and durable construction.

Our FIRST product was sold in 2002 – a door finishing system called the Door Decker. Since that creation, we have added several additional products to our line that assist in cabinet door painting and staining as well as drying options to the Door Decker finishing system. Over time, we have expanded our product sales to paint contracting individuals and companies, retail paint stores, paint sundries distributors, and maintenance crews for various facilities including schools, hospitals, and apartments. We sell our products throughout the United States and over 13+ years have added Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands to our sales locations.
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Door Deckers provides a door painting system, enabling painting both sides and edges of a door at the same time. The horizontal positioning of the door as it is finished allows the application of a heavier mil thickness without runs or sags. Allows the applicator to finish doors at a comfortable working level without stooping or bending. Saves space by allowing the finished doors to be stacked to dry. Ideal for hollow or solid wood doors, hollow metal doors, shutters, and shelves.
On Edge Drying Adapters is to be used in conjunction with the Door Decker door painting system. Paintshack
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