Since 1974, we have run a decorators merchant in North West London. Day in and day out, we listened to a gazillion opinions about various products, and learned a lot about what decorators like and don’t like. Our customers have said things like If only they made this in stainless steel and This is a great tool, but the handle’s too short.

We decided to use all this information that we had collected, and create a tailored range of decorating products that was based upon this feedback, thus providing decorators with exactly what they wanted. In doing so, we hope that we have created a range of products that:

a) Make a decorator’s life easier
b) Leaves results that will impress

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Axus/Olfa flex-e-Bowl Blue
Axus Mink Silk Series 5 Brush Box Set - paintshack
Paintshack Axus Caparol Brushes
Axus Pro Mastic Gun
Only 3 left!
Axus Quick-Mix Mini Paint Mixer 5lt
Paintshack Axus 31 Razor Tape
Paintshack Axus 4" Flock Roller Sleeves
Olfa Japanese Steel blades & Knifes - paintshack
Paintshack Static 31 Masking Film 2.4m x20m
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