Timbabuild Epoxy Wood Repair System

Timbabuild Wood Repair

Timbabuild is a comprehensive range of products designed to enable high quality, durable and cost-effective timber repairs to be carried out, with the minimum of effort and maximum efficiency.

Timbabuild Wood Repair Resin is a 2 part cartridge delivery system which is designed for ease of use, strength and flexibility in professional paint and refurbishment contracting.

Timbabuild repairs are guaranteed for 50 years and are always stronger than the original wood.

Traditionally, where damaged and rotten timbers in a building are subject to stress and movement, they have been difficult to repair.

Conventionally, repair products have not been designed for these situations. Until now, the only alternatives have been splicing or replacement of the entire unit. Both of these methods are expensive and wasteful not to mention very time consuming.

Often it is as little as 5% of the timber within the unit which is affected.

Timbabuild is a high performance alternative to replacing areas of rotten & damaged timber.

The Timbabuild repair system is designed to be easy to use, fast and provide a long lasting strong finish.

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Timbabuild® All Purpose Multi Surface SUPER WIPES are designed for a variety of heavy duty cleaning tasks at the work site, factory, or at home and do not require the presence of water.
Timbabuild 400ml Repair Resin EHB60 (UPTO 60MM) - paintshack
Timbaglaze 290ml - paintshack
TIMBABUILD FINISH 300g (2-Part Rapid Set Filler) - paintshack
TIMBABUILD Metolux 2 Part Styrene Free Wood Filler White - paintshack
Timberbuild starter kit Timbabuild ehb60 timbaglaze ews Paintshack
Timbabuild EWS Epoxy Primer - paintshack.co.uk
Timbabuild 400ml ERC10 Rapid Adhesive (UPTO 10mm) - paintshack
Timbabuild Dispenser Gun - paintshack
TIMBABUILD Metolux 2 Part Universal Dec Filler - paintshack
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