ISOMAT is a production company of building chemicals and mortars with multinational presence. It was founded in 1980 and today constitutes one of the most important manufacturers of its sector in South eastern Europe.

In 2012, the company made a multi-million investment for the creation of a production unit of polyurethane-based materials. All products are developed in the company’s own Research and Development laboratories, in order to achieve the best quality at the best possible price. Every year, the Research and Development department works on a series of new products, based on the needs of each target-market, as well as the technological developments in the industry.


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ISOLAC ALL-PRIMER is a next-generation, white, acrylic water-based primer formulated to provide ultimate adhesion for subsequent coats of paint over interior or exterior glossy, non-absorbent surfaces where common primers would fail. It can be overcoated with emulsion or acrylic paints, the ISOLAC-AQUA ECO water-based enamels, or the solvent-based enamels from the ISOLAC range. It provides easy, low-odor application while delivering uniform hiding power, effectively blocking old stains.
ISOMAT CEILING PAINT is a flat matt water- based emulsion paint for use on interior ceilings.  Its ultra low sheen level reduces light reflectance significantly, making it perfect for hiding surface imperfections.
Isomat white primer 2 in 1 Emulsion paint waterbased walls adhesion
Isomat Premium Colour Matt (Classic) 20'000 scrub - walls emulsion durable scrub resistant flat finish paint
Isomat Professional Colour Matt 2000 Scrubs Emulsion (Classic) - paintshack
Isomat Aqua Enamel Paint Eggshell Finish (Woodwork) paint -
Isomat Aqua Enamel Paint Satin finish (Woodwork)
Isomat Aqua Enamel Paint Gloss (Woodwork) - paintshack
Isomat Isolac Primer Aqua White primer for bare wood spraying brush roller emulsion -
Isomat Bath & Kitchen 20,000 Scrubs Anti mould  Matt Emulsion - paintshack
Premium, elastic, waterproofing paint. Suitable for painting and waterproofing of wall surfaces, asbestos roofs, etc. Also used for protection of bituminous layers. For interior and exterior use. Paintshack
Isomat Block Primer White - paintshack
Isomat Block Primer
From £18.50
Isomat Isomastic-A Caulk White 280ml - paintshack
COLOR Grey, white, brown.  CONSUMPTION Joint 10 mm x 10 mm: 1 cartridge/3 m of joint length. Joint 5 mm x 5 mm: 1 cartridge/12 m of joint length. PACKAGE 600 ml, 310 ml. Paintshack White Grey
Powerful, hybrid, multi-purpose, elastomeric adhesive and sealant. Used for powerful and elastic bonding. Prevents fungi growth. Features high mechanical strength and resistance to aging and weather conditions.
Isomat Acryl Stucco Paintshack Ready-mixed, acrylic skim coat filler. Ideal for repairs to most building materials including plaster, concrete, masonry, wood, gypsum board and cement board. Easy-to-apply and can be sanded down to a smooth, even surface, ready for priming and painting in 2-3 hours. For interior and exterior use.
Flexible filler and sealer for joints and cracks. Suitable for cracIsomat filling and joint sealing in walls and floors.
Isomat Primer-GB White (for Gypsum Boards) Emulsion walls painting bare plaster high coverage
Isomat Varnish-PU 2KW Waterbased - paintshack
Isomat VARNISH-PU 2K Solvent - paintshack
Isomat VARNISH-PU 2K Solvent -
Isomat Flex Primer - paintshack  Highly penetrative, polymer emulsion. It stabilizes porous substrates and ensures the proper adhesion of water-based paints, tile-adhesives, flexible mortars, brushable elastomeric coatings, acrylic plasters etc.  By penetrating inside the pores of the substrate, it acts as a bonding layer between the substrate and the paint, adhesive, mortar, coating  zinsser gardz
Isomat Flex Primer
From £35.00
Fiber-reinforced, polymer-modified, cementitious repair mortar
Isomat Durocret-Deco Finish for Micro Cement -
Isomat Durocret-Deco Flex (Basecoat) for Micro Cement - paintshack
Isomat Super Grund - paintshack
Isomat Super Grund
From £38.52
Isomat VS-W Acrylic water-based varnish - paintshack
Isomat Fiberglass Mesh White 160g/m2 - paintshack
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