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Isomat Isomastic-A Caulk White 280ml - paintshack
Timbabuild 400ml Repair Resin EHB60 (UPTO 60MM) - paintshack
Isomat Acryl Stucco Paintshack Ready-mixed, acrylic skim coat filler. Ideal for repairs to most building materials including plaster, concrete, masonry, wood, gypsum board and cement board. Easy-to-apply and can be sanded down to a smooth, even surface, ready for priming and painting in 2-3 hours. For interior and exterior use.
COLOR Grey, white, brown.  CONSUMPTION Joint 10 mm x 10 mm: 1 cartridge/3 m of joint length. Joint 5 mm x 5 mm: 1 cartridge/12 m of joint length. PACKAGE 600 ml, 310 ml. Paintshack White Grey
connection joints on door and window frames, window sills, built-in furniture, lightweight walls and cladding. Also suitable for cracks and joints in aerated concrete, stone and plaster. For use outdoors without constant exposure to moisture.  Paintshack
Timbaglaze 290ml - paintshack
TIMBABUILD FINISH 300g (2-Part Rapid Set Filler) - paintshack
Timbabuild EWS Epoxy Primer -
TIMBABUILD Metolux 2 Part Styrene Free Wood Filler White - paintshack
Prestonett Ready Mixed Fine Surface Filler is a ready to use interior filler suitable for use on old painted surfaces, plaster, plasterboards, primed wood, cement, brick, masonry, stone etc. Dries to a cream white finish. The substrates to be filled must be clean, hard, sound and dry. Application thickness up to 1mm. 4 hours drying time. Ready for use.
Lightweight multi-purpose ready mixed filler.
Plastering roller Roller for plastering and for applying jointing tape - Anti-splatter - Reduces the roller coating application time by two thirds
7" Refina Plastering Roller
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Caparol Spray-Tec Filler (High Build Coat) Can be applied 4 times thicker than normal coats - paintshack
Timbabuild 400ml ERC10 Rapid Adhesive (UPTO 10mm) - paintshack
Beissier Prestonett Ready Mixed Wood Filler 1kg
Caparol Akkordspachtel SXL Synthetic-resin dispersion filler/Plaster for interior applications. Paintshack
Multipurpose filler in powder 5kg Paintshack
Timbabuild Dispenser Gun - paintshack
Timberbuild starter kit Timbabuild ehb60 timbaglaze ews Paintshack
TIMBABUILD Metolux 2 Part Universal Dec Filler - paintshack
Beissier Prestonett Interior & Exterior Ready mixed filler 1kg White Paintshack
Flexible filler and sealer for joints and cracks. Suitable for cracIsomat filling and joint sealing in walls and floors.
Timbabuild® All Purpose Multi Surface SUPER WIPES are designed for a variety of heavy duty cleaning tasks at the work site, factory, or at home and do not require the presence of water.
Beissier Prestonett Powder wood Repair White 1kg Paintshack
Beissier Prestonett Int/Ext Ready Mixed Wood Filler 125ml
Beissier Prestonett Ready Mixed Flexible Crack Repair Filler White
Beissier Prestonett Interior & Exterior Ready mixed Flexible crack filler 200ml White Paintshack
Prestonett Interior filler in powder 1kg
Prestonett Beissier Lightweight ready mixed filler Paintshack
Powder waterproof masonry filler grey paintshack
Prestonett Interior & Exterior Ready Mixed Multisurface Repair Filler 200ml Tube Paintshack
A low cost decorators gap filler for internal use. It can be overpainted in about 1 hour with most types of paint or covered with wallpaper when dry. Paintshack
A low cost decorators gap filler for internal use. It can be overpainted in about 1 hour with most types of paint or covered with wallpaper when dry. Paintshack
Constructed with metal parts, this is a strong and durable applicator gun. It is suitable for use with all types of sealant adhesive held in either 310ml or 380ml plastic cartridges. Additionally it can be used with 400ml (or smaller) foil sausages. Paintshack
Tesa Crack and joint Tape 90m x 48mm
Powerful, hybrid, multi-purpose, elastomeric adhesive and sealant. Used for powerful and elastic bonding. Prevents fungi growth. Features high mechanical strength and resistance to aging and weather conditions.
PowerFlow™ Combi  A 1-component manual bead dispenser for 310/400mL cartridges and 310/400/600mL sachets.
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