Tesa Masking Tape

Tesa Masking Tape.

As a leading global adhesive tape manufacturer represented in over 100 countries, it’s our aim to build a strong bond with our customers which goes beyond simply selling you tape. For our industry and professional customers we offer friendly expert advice, technical knowledge and can help you select the most effective solution to improve your processes. For end-consumers in the office and at home we now have over 300 products from tesafilm®, our energy saving tesamoll® draught excluders to tesa Powerstrips®, our removable adhesive strips and our environmentally friendly ecoLogo® range made from recycled materials and renewable resources.

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tesa® Easy Cover Spray 4451 Is the ideal solution for painting jobs with paints and lacquers on door frames or skirting boards, for example. Protection is safe and reliable. The masking paper has a length of 25m and a width of 20cm. Paintshack.co.uk
All TESA Masking Tape - paintshack
All TESA Masking Tape - paintshack
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All TESA Masking Tape - paintshack
TESA Easy Cover Masking Paper - paintshack
TESA® Professional 60101 Fibreglass tape paintshack.co.uk
Tesa Hand Dispenser 06074-00001 06076-00001The perfect hand masking tape dispenser for 38mm(1.5") tape or larger size 50mm(2") tape. Never lose your tape end again always start with a clean straight edge.  paintshack.co.uk
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