Paint grids


Paint trays and grids make using a paint roller easier as they remove excess paint from the roll. This helps to avoid paint splatters on the floor and, last but not least, on clothing and the face. An additional paint bucket is also often helpful when painting walls and ceilings. Wall paints and tinting paints are mixed in it to make living areas as individual as possible. 

Paint dripping from a roller will not only contaminate the floor but also your clothes. When painting walls and ceilings with a paint roller, it is best to use a paint grid or paint tray, as used by professional painters. 

The paint grid removes excess paint from your roller   

There is usually too much paint on a roller that has previously been dipped in a paint bucket. When the brush is applied the paint quickly runs or drips on the floor. This can be prevented by a paint grid which allows you to roll the paint roller with little pressure. The excess paint falls through the grid so it is best to place it directly in the paint bucket. The paint is caught therefore and can be used again. Paint grids made of plastic quickly yield to the pressure of the roller, so we recommend a metal grid that is zinced to protect against rust.

For smaller projects it is best to use a paint tray   

Paint trays are perfectly suitable for small paint rollers and small amounts of paint  They consist of two trays. Pour the paint into the slightly deeper tray. The other tray is ribbed for stripping excess paint and has a slightly slanted bottom to allow the paint to flow back into the lower tray.  Our professional paint trays are made of plastic and can be cleaned easily after use. They can also be stacked and hung up. For this reason, passionate do-it-yourselfers are happy to equip themselves with several of them for wall paints, varnishes, transparent wood finishes and other paints..

Additional paint buckets help you to mix paints  

Many wall paints from our shop ADLER Farbenmeister can be mixed with a tinting paint to decorate walls and ceilings according to your taste. These paints are easy to mix in an additional paint bucket made of plastic. If you want to interrupt the work from time to time, or some paint is left over, seal the bucket with the lid supplied. A small amount of a self-mixed paint left over is extremely handy for eliminating minor damage to the walls or ceiling. Therefore store it for future use. It is best stored in a cool, dark space. 

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