Isomat Ceiling Paint 9lt White


ISOMAT CEILING PAINT is a flat matt water-based emulsion paint for use on interior ceilings.

Its ultra low sheen level reduces light reflectance significantly, making it perfect for hiding surface imperfections. Features high whiteness, great opacity and surface coverage while offering easy workability and flow. Has quick-drying and recoat times. Nearly odorless.

ISOMAT CEILING PAINT is used for indoor applications, on new or old surfaces, on common
building materials such as concrete, plaster, gypsum boards, etc. For use also on surfaces
treated with acrylic or cement-based fillers.

ISOMAT CEILING PAINT should be thoroughly stirred before use. It is applied as is or thinned 5-10% with clean water, with a roller, brush, or airless gun, in two coats. The second coat is applied once the first coat has completely dried.

Colors: white and a wide range of light colors (ISOMAT COLOR SYSTEM)
Type: emulsion paint
Volume solids: 37 ± 2%
Viscosity: 115 ± 5 KU
(EN ISO 2811- 1)
Density: 1.53 ± 0.03 kg/l
(EN ISO 2811- 1)
Drying time: ~1 h (touch dry)
(EN ISO 9117)
Recoat time: 3-4 h
VOC content: ≤ 10 g/l

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West End Decorating
Isomat ceiling paint

Tried for the first time last week and it’s a great paint 👌🏼 Highly recommend it 👍🏼

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