Wagner Spray Heads for XVLP Machines


XVLP Heads

Standard head is a all rounder for all standard woodstains, woodwork and metalwork. 

Finefinish Head is for varnish/woodstains Paints for fine detail work woodwork and metal. (Slightly more overspray than the NAST head and slightly wider fan than the NAST head)

Wall Head is for small walls and ceilings with emulsions larger pot 1.4lt,

NAST Head is for low overspray fine finish spraying. 

    Wagner FC5000 Manual

    NAST mist-free spraying technology

    The mist-free spraying technology NAST by Caparol enables professionals to work in a rational and time-saving manner. With the precisely coordinated Capacryl NAST enamels, this technology can be easily, fast and professionally applied to achieve the desired results. The specially developed front-end nozzles for the Wagner-XVLP spraying device always ensures and even, fine spraying result. NAST is the reliable high-tech alternative to brush and roller!

    Benefits and areas of application

    • Mist-free, professional spraying
    • Easy to handle and easy to use
    • Low cleaning and maintenance input
    • Excellent value for money
    • Quick change of material and paint
    • High covering power on component parts and surfaces
    • For all surfaces, such as doors, wall panels and wooden ceilings with a surface area of up to 50 m²
    • Specially suitable for sensitive areas such as nursery schools, schools, hospitals, offices and apartments


    Capacryl Haftprimer NAST

    • The "miracle worker" for exterior as well as interior application
    • Mist-free spraying technology
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Exceptional adhesion power

    Link to NAST Haftprimer


    Capacryl PU-Satin NAST

    • Silk-matt enamel for exterior and interior application
    • Mist-free spraying technology
    • Low odour
    • Diffusion capable

    Link to NAST PU-Satin

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