Wagner PP90 Extra Skid Airless Spray Pump


Power Painter 90 Extra Skid Spray pack

The Power Painter 90 Extra is a perfect construction site companion when it comes to the Airless spraying. Thanks to the established piston pump technology, WAGNER is offering a professional solution in the entry-level market. This means that small and medium-sized interior projects can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Materials that can be used: 
Emulsion and latex paints for indoor use; Release agent, oils, greases; Glazes, stains and impregnating agents; Undercoats, primers, fillers, synthetic resin based paints, acrylic paints.

Max. nozzle size 0.019“

Max. delivery volume 1.9 l/min

Delivery volume 12 MPa 1.6 l/min

Max. operating pressure 2900 psi 

Weight 10.2 kg

Output 0.8 kW

Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz

Technology Piston pump

Drive electric


  • Easy commissioning and high operational reliability: Multiple components in the PowerPainter 90 Extra have been created to ensure easier operability and to ensure safe working: the innovative inlet valve can be safely and easily released with the press of a finger. No additional tools are needed any more. The green marking on the HEA pressure gauge helps to ensure optimised pressure regulation. This makes it possible to achieve the perfect spray result. The site-optimised Prime / Spray switch ensures safe and reliable pressure relief every time.
  • The 15-metre-long DN6 HD hose supports a large radius of movement of up to 30 m. The PowerPainter 90 Extra guarantees easy transportation and space-saving storage in both versions. On the cart version, the height-adjustable telescopic handle with integrated hose holder ensures this. On the rack-mounted version, the compact size and light weight of the device play their part.
  • Fatigue-free and comfortable working: Ergonomic, modified paint spray guns and hoses in various lengths create flexibility. The low amount of effort required and healthier posture during application make day-to-day work much easier. Direct suction from the original container also does away with the tiresome task of having to top up material. This cuts overall material consumption and you also save work time. 
  • Less spray mist thanks to HEA technology: Thanks to HEA technology, excellent atomisation is possible even at a low pressure setting of 80 - 140 bar. When the revolutionary low-pressure Airless HEA ProTip nozzle is used too, this ensures up to 55 % less spray mist. This means a soft spray pattern with maximum paint application control is guaranteed.
  • Lucrative must-have for increased efficiency: Compared to conventional, manual working with a brush and roller, the procurement costs are admittedly higher to begin with, however a comparison of performance in this class of device make them relatively low. This type of paint spray device pays for itself after just a few projects. The duration of the project is shortened thanks to the quick way of working.

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