Wagner Finish Control FC5500 XVLP 240v with Standard and Fine Spray Head


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Finish Control 5500 XVLP with Standard Head and Fine Spray Head 

Product Feature Customer Benefit

High Performance

✓ Modern and powerful design.
✓ Can be used with all XVLP front ends

Wagner turbine technology

✓ Improvement of the turbine increase the efficiency in application
✓ The turbine enables the best surface finish for lacquer applications

Easy Controls

✓ Easy operation
✓ Air filter warning light supporting proactive maintenance

New ergonomic unit

✓ Integrated cup holder allows a safe fixation of the Gun for a comfortable transportation of the whole device
✓ Lightweight and ergonomic design of the unit
Integrated Toolbox ✓ More comfort and less time spent on searching for tools

FC 5500
Perfect finishes made easy.
✓ Integrated cup holder
✓ Dual air filters
✓ Air filter warning light
✓ XVLP Click & Paint System
✓ Integrated, equipped Toolbox - All the necessary tools always at hand

Characteristics FC 5500

  • Technology Turbine
  • Power source Electrical
  • Power input 1150 W
  • Max. operating pressure 290 hPa
  • Material/Air settings: Variable
  • Turbine Single Stage High Efficiency
  • Weight (packaged) 9,3 kg
  • Power socket No

Recommended Accessoires Part No.

  1. StandardSpray 2430386
  2. FineSpray 2430385
  3. WallSpray 2430387
  4. Cleaning-Kit 2430409
  5. Can Adapter 2350692
  6. Air Filter (4 filters) 2434505
  7. Feed tube filter, fine (5 pieces) 2324248
  8. Feed tube filter, coarse (5 pieces) 2324249
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