Wagner AirCoat Aircaps for 4000 Series guns


Wagner Air Assisted Aircaps for 4500/4600/4700 Series Guns 


AirCoat air cap (red) Ideal for solvent-based materials (solvent-based enamels)Part number: 0394910

AirCoat air cap (blue) Ideal for water-based materials
Part number: 0394911

AirCoat air cap (green) Ideal for both solvent-based and water-based materials
Extremely low air consumption: Any small compressor can be used
Part number: 0394912


Wagner AirCoat gun AC 4600 Professional

The AirCoat pistol AC 4600 Professional is versatile in use for demanding paint jobs. The soft spray jet guarantees brilliant surfaces and ensures perfect painting results.

The ideal solution for Decorators who want to achieve the perfect finish with far less overspray than an airless system and much greater control and faster then HVLP and Conventional set ups. 

For quick cleaning of nozzle stoppers simply insert the nozzle in reverse and blow through
For solvent-based and waterbased materials
Easy cleaning. The filter housing can be opened to clean or replace the filter without tools
Pleasant work, smooth air and material joints
Ergonomic, low weight and low pull-off force
High productivity through continuous air and jet width adjustment

Training and demonstrations are available at Paintshack on request! 

Tel 01276 582321 Please ask to speak to Steve or Colin 


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Wagner ACF3000 Aircoat Nozzle 

Wagner’s ACF3000 nozzles AirCoat flat jet nozzles are characterised by their soft and fine atomisation. The wide range enables optimal adaptation to many applications.

Wagner AirCoat: When quality matters. Swiss precision is at the core of this technology. AirCoat precision nozzles are manufactured under application of the most advanced processes and meet the requirements of the latest paint systems. Wagner ACF3000 nozzles were designed specifically for processing high solid paints.

Thanks to a continual development process and practically oriented engineering, the “interior” of the Wagner AirCoat nozzles has been considerably optimised.

The larger tungsten carbide cores allow higher process security and manufacturing precision.
An even longer service life is achieved thanks to the improved quality of the tungsten carbide.
The new dome geometry and innovative high-tech grinding and erosion processes provide a very fine homogeneous atomisation at low energy consumption the material pressure. The low wear also contributes to a reduction in costs.

Max delivery 1.25 l / min
Max pressure 2800 psi
Max tip size 0.019" 

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