Two Fussy Blokes Mini Roller Sleeve 10mm Semi Smooth




  • NAP | Pile : 10mm | 3/8″
  • Sizes: 100MM | 4″ 
  • Recommended for: Primers and Topcoats
  • Ideal for: Weatherboards, Plasterboards, Plaster, MDF, plywood ,cement boards, metal banisters and gates. For smooth or areas with mouldings or contours, 
  • Features: Excellent paint pick up and release, superior finish, no need to lay off, excellent coverage

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
David Parry
5 Stars

Top product i use these all the time 4" and 9" sleeves just waiting for the 12" to be available i can not say enough good things about this company,

Parry Decorators

Wayne de Wet
When you want the best finish - choose Two Fussy Blokes Microfibre mini roller sleeves

Like many pro painters & decorators I am always on the lookout for new and innovative tools & products to help me & my buisness be more profitable, get a better finish and of course try something new.
But also once proven good, to publish a printed review in the Trade publication I’ve written for the last 8 years.
Only products & Tools I like are featured!
So other Decorators may also enjoy the great find!
Two Fyssy Blokes mini roller sleeves are the best I’ve used in 40 years!
So much so my I’ve featured them in my #TooTalk review pages in the PDA members journal I write for & also showcased on my Twitter
@ToolTalk1 & Instagram @tool_talk feeds.
The 100mm mini microfibre sleeves are available in a 10 & 3 pack.

Semi is 10mm nap Green end cap & Smooth is 5mm nap Red end cap.
The finish achievable allows you to not need to lay off the paint.
Producing a fine spray like finish.
Hold lots of paint, wash out easy.
But you can layoff if you want!
If your hesitant look on @TwoFussyBlokes & @PaintshackLtd Twitter & instagram feeds and read what others are saying - all recommend Two Fussy Blokes mini rollers.
As do I highly!!!!!

always carry spares because once you’ve used them you really won’t to use anything else
You’ve put a smile on all the fussy blokes & fussy women painters out there that now use them, and suprised so many that didn’t believe the online feedback form those converted

Angela Kirton
Best mini rollers

Like others, was wondering what the fuss was all about. Luckily i won some on a twitter competition and was chomping at he bit to use them.....havent been disappointed, ive been using with the Caparol haftprimer and satin and am very impressed with the finish. Wont be using anything else. Can you make inbigger sizes please :)

Adrian Ellis
I wondered what all the fuss was about

I had seen lots of post about these little rollers, I thought its a roller it cannot be that good, well yesterday i used the medium one painting a kitchen, walls, was so small not worth getting out a 9 inch roller with so much cutting in, what an amazing job this did, hold lots of paint, goes on and rolls out smooth like a spray finish.

These will be the only ones for us now.
Highly recommend.

Dennis the decorator
The best mini roller sleeve so far

I have used every mini roller sleeve going, they all have their own problems, not this one! I use the 10mm nap to put primer or PU satin on, it lays down just the rite amount of paint and then I lay off with the brush. I could paint doors all day long with these rollers, they hold a great amount of product.
They may not be the cheapest of rollers but they won't fall to bits, I won't be using any other roller for my caparol paint,and like the other reviewer said I won't be buying a sprayer, not while I'm using these.

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