Two Fussy Blokes Glider Aqua Pro Soft Brush 38mm/1.5"

Why Brush when you can Glide!

Experience the excellence of GLIDER AQUA PRO Paint Brushes, designed specifically for water-based paints. Handcrafted with premium synthetic filament for exceptional flexibility, these brushes are ideal for doors, trims, cupboards, furniture, and smooth surfaces. Available in a versatile range of sizes, they are perfect for achieving fine finishes and effortlessly creating straight-cutting lines. The stylish black ferrule securely holds the filaments, ensuring a clean and smooth application every time. Cleaning is a breeze with easy maintenance, and our brushes deliver professional-quality results, making them suitable for both professional and DIY painting projects.

Filament: Our brushes are carefully handcrafted with ultra-fine, premium-quality synthetic filament. These soft filaments offer exceptional flexibility and spring, allowing you to effortlessly apply paint smoothly and achieve precise results on various surfaces.

Brush Sizes: The GLIDER AQUA PRO Paint Brushes come in a versatile range of sizes, including 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, and the largest size, 63mm. This comprehensive size selection ensures that you have the perfect tools for achieving the fine finish required for your project.

Ferrules: Our brushes come with a stylish black ferrule that securely holds the filaments in place, ensuring no filaments will end up in your paintwork. This guarantees a clean and smooth application every time.

Effortless Cleaning and Maintenance: Our brushes are a breeze to clean! Simply rinse with water or use our eco-friendly brush cleaner like Pretty Boy Cleaner. Our brushes retain their shape and performance, always ready for your next project. With our unique design, no more paint clogging at the ferrule top, ensuring a smoother, seamless painting experience.

Professional Results Made Easy: Our brushes deliver professional-quality results whether you're a beginner or a professional painter. Achieve impeccable smooth finishes and straight lines effortlessly.

Perfect for Water-Based Paints: Our brushes are specially designed to work seamlessly with water-based paints. Get the best results and experience smoother strokes with our brushes tailored for your  projects.

Experience the difference that our GLIDER AQUA PRO Paint Brush can make in your creative journey. Elevate your painting skills and turn your project into a beautiful space. Invest in quality tools that inspire your creativity and stand the test of time.
Enjoy a new level of painting with the Two Fussy Blokes Glider Aqua Pro range.

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