Two Fussy Blokes 9" (230mm) Roller Frame UK core 44mm


Roller Frame Single 

Wooden Handle with stylish black rod and threaded end for extensions pole.

Featuring a stylish wooden handle crafted for optimal comfort, our roller frame swaps plastic for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly black finished frame. It’s made and tested to our rigorous standards in order to allow your rollers to spin freely and to make painting quick and easy.

Check out our paint rollers.

Microfibre 10mm Paint Rollers
It is the best choice for a topcoat or any large paint projects where coverage and smooth finish is required. The roller sleeve fabric is designed to leave a smooth and uniform finish on painted surfaces.

We recommend our Dacron for acrylic primers to enhance the finish of the microfibre.

Microfibre 15mm Paint Rollers
When you do not require a smooth finish and time is the essence our 15mm microfibre roller is the perfect fit. It holds more paint than 10mm and still leaves a semi-smooth finish. The amount of paint it holds will help you complete your project faster.

Dacron 10mm Paint Rollers
Because of the structure of the fabric, our 10mm Dacron rollers perform best with acrylic paints and are not suitable for oil-based paints.

If you’re priming your brand new plasterboard walls or you’re repainting from light paint colour to a dark colour or from dark to lighter, our Dacron is the best pick for you to achieve optimal coverage and a professional-looking finish.

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