TESA Easy Cover Masking Paper


tesa®Professional 4364

2-in-1 solution for masking and covering


Product description

Easy Cover® 4364 is a combination of high quality folded special paper and a slightly creped adhesive paper tape for the masking of large areas in one working step. It is resistant against dispersion paints and can easily be removed after short term applications without residues.
Easy Cover 4364 is successfully tested for all standard in-door applications. It allows safe and precise fixation on even surfaces such as skirting boards, window sills, window and door frames. The masking paper avoids paint bleeding or leaking to the protected area. Easy Cover 4364 will achieve a clean paint result with straight paint edges.


Main applications

  • Masking and protecting of large areas
  • For clean, straight paint edges
  • For smooth and slightly rough surfaces
  • Ideal for covering windows during plastering and painting work

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