Rustoleum Tarmacoat Multi-Purpose Rapid Curing Floor Paint 5lt


Rustoleum Tarmacoat Multi-Purpose Rapid Curing Floor Paint 5lt


Very fast-drying multi-purpose single pack floor paint for exterior use.

Rain-proof and recoatable after just one hour

Can be applied on slightly damp surfaces

Excellent resistance to U.V. and weathering

Water-based formulation, safe to use and virtually no odour

Single pack, no mixing required

The product will cure sufficiently in approximately 24 hours to accept light traffic (bicycle, car, etc.), but allow 48 hours before bringing the area back into full use (heavy traffic; truck, forklift, e.d.). Cold, damp or humid weather will delay curing. Apply by brush or medium pile type roller. Do not apply in areas which will be constantly under water.


For use on:

Asphalt, concrete, pavement, masonry and sport fields

Formulation: Water-based

Binder: Acrylic

Finish: Matt

Coverage: 8m²/l. at 56 µm dry

Touch dry (at 20˚C): 30 mins

Recoatable (at 20˚C): 1 hrs

Recoatable with: 9200 Rust-O-Thane®

Application: Brush, Roller

VOC level: 40 grams/liter

Pack sizes: 5 litre

Minor differences between above displayed and supplied colours are possible due to screen limitations.

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