Olfa X Design Extra Heavy Duty Scraper


Re-developed based on the BSR scraper, the OLFA® XSR-200/300 benefits from X-DESIGN™ excellence.  This means that it has a very comfortable, anti-slip grip, allowing you to use maximum pressure to scrape. The elastomeric grip takes a lot of the pressure off your hand, resulting in greatly reduced strain over long periods of use.  The body is also re-enforced with fibreglass, for ultimate durability and resistance to everyday materials and solvents.

The XSR-200/300 has several unique features:

Firstly, you can change the Scraper without the need for any screwdriver or other tools.  Simply unlock the wheel on the front by turning it anti-clockwise with your thumb, and then hold button on the back to release the spring while you replace.  Once you have changed this, tighten the wheel again. This double lock (wheel + spring) means that the it is held securely and tightly in place while scraping at all times. 

Secondly, the scraper has a hammer able end, making it suitable for removal of even the most stubborn substrates including floor tiles, adhesive, wall tiles, coatings, carpets, linoleum and practically any other hard to remove surface.

When the scraper is not in use it has an easy clip-on blade cover to protect your fingers when hunting through your tool kit.

This tool will last.

The scraper comes equipped with a heavy duty 0.8mm thick scraper making tough work easier!

For stripping wallpaper, we recommend using the XSR-200/300 with a BSF - a 50mm long flexible scraper that really gets under wallpaper to take it off quickly.  It is not as sharp, so is less prone to damaging the wall or ceiling.

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