Olfa Japanese Steel Snap Off 18mm Cutter


Olfa Japanese Steel Snap Off 18mm Cutter

The OLFA® L5-AL benefits from X-DESIGN™ excellence. This means that it has a very comfortable, anti-slip grip, allowing you to use maximum pressure to cut, safely. The elastomeric grip takes a lot of the pressure off your hand, resulting in greatly reduced strain over long periods of use. The body is also re-inforced with fibreglass, for ultimate durability and resistance to everyday materials and solvents. The L5-AL has an auto-lock to keep the cutter in place during use, and a hard metal pick on the end that can be used for opening cartons, opening paint cans, creasing wallpaper, and various other tasks. The stainless steel cutter channel will remain rust-free forever. Pre-loaded with an Excel Black™ ultra sharp cutter.

OLFA® EXCEL BLACK™ takes cutter sharpness to the next level. OLFA's secret, advanced production process makes this cutter 25% sharper than ENDURANCE™ cutters (which are already very sharp!). You can really feel the difference as your cutter glides through the cutting surface with ease and precision. Not only do the cutter last much longer than conventional ones, they give you clean cuts that show off the quality of your work, making them ideal for any heavy-duty cutting task where the finish is important, such as contract wallpaper cutting. The 18mm EXCEL BLACK™ blade is 0.5mm thick and has 8 snap segments.


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