Hippo Multi Purpose Bamboo Wipes Big bag 100 wipes

Hippo Multi Purpose Bamboo Trade Wipes are environmentally friendly and will successfully remove dirt & grime including most paints, oils and adhesive. Finally a sustainable multi-purpose cleaning wipe!

These responsibly sourced wipes surpass other types of wet wipe product. This is because they’re made from 100% bamboo, which makes them fully biodegradable.

On the contrary, most other wet wipe products made for building, decorating and DIY use, are produced using polypropylene. Wet wipes made from polypropylene are more harmful towards the environment because they don’t biodegrade over time.

However our new bamboo wipes are fully compostable. When disposed of, in suitable waste conditions, they will begin breaking down from just 2 months.

Dermatologically tested and safe to use with all skin types.

Key Features
Fully biodegradable.
Excellent performance.
Made from sustainable materials.
Available in a sturdy reusable tub with refill packs.
Fresh lemon scent.
Safe to use by hand.
Natural antibacterial qualities.

Customer Reviews

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Shelby Wills
Had better

Wipes are small, you cannot get just 1 out the pack about 10 come out with it, the pack isn't really resealable as it's just the sticker.
Definitely rather spend a bit more and get the ultra grime wipes or similar. Tried them, they're not for me.


This is actually a gift for my artist son and I think they will be very useful. Bigger and stronger than most wipes.

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