Mirka Abranet Pads for Deos Delta Sander 100x152x152mm


Mirka Abranet

Mirka Abranet Delta 100x152x152mm are latest additions to the exceptional patented Abranet sanding material containing thousands of small holes. When fitted to the Mirka DEOS Delta sander it possible to successfully extract dust and other particles using a dust extraction system or 'Henry' type vacuum cleaner without clogging the abrasive surface.

Mirka Abranet Delta is hook and eye backed and is suitable for use on any delta sander 100x152x152mm in size.

To prolong the life of your backing pad, we would always recommend using a Mirka Delta Pad Protector as originally fitted to the Mirka DEOS Delta sanders.

Abranet is developed for tougher and more demanding sanding applications. Because of its optimised net construction and ceramic grains, Abranet offers superior cut and performance for hardwoods (such as beech and oak) and fast cutting on various solid surface materials as well as for cleaning of different industrial rollers. Abranet also works excellent on primer sanding applications, creating an optimal performance and lifetime.



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