Isomat Waterbased Satin Varnish-Pu 2KW


Isomat Waterbased Satin Varnish-Pu 2KW

Polyurethane, water-based two-component protective varnish


Two-component aliphatic polyurethane water-based varnish with satin-mat finish. Used for the waterproofing and protection of decorative cement mortars, like microcements, concrete, natural stones, wood etc. Shows very good mechanical resistance, as well as high resistance to solar radiation and weather conditions. Certified with the CE marking as a coating for surface protection of concrete, according to EN 1504-2.

VARNISH-PU 2KW is suitable for waterproofing
and protecting:
 Decorative microcements.
 Concrete.
 Natural stone.
 Wood.
 Epoxy paints


70-120 g/m² per layer, depending on the absorptivity of the surface.
5 kg (A+B), 1 kg (A+B).

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