Isomat Isomastic-A Caulk White 280ml


Isomastic-A Caulk White 280ml

Ideal for home improvement on doors skirting and any area where you need to fill with flexible caulk.

Elastoplastic acrylic sealant

single-component elastoplastic sealant without solvents based on acrylic resins,


  • Resistance to temperature fluctuations from -20οC to +70οC.
  • Excellent bonding to a wide range of constructing materials.
  • Painting ability after hardening.
  • Frost-resistance.
  • Paintable in 1-2hrs at 20 degrees C 

Fields of application

ISOMASTIC-A is suitable for sealing horizontal or vertical joints, at indoor or outdoor areas, on substrates like concrete, plaster, masonry, wood, stone etc. Also, used for sealing hairline cracks on plaster and joints between wooden or metallic frames and walls, sills etc. It is not affected by frost and it is appropriate for dimensional deformation of up to 8%. It should not be used in regularly walkable joints or joints permanently immersed in water (water-tanks or reservoirs) or on bituminous substrates.

Technical data:

Basis: acrylic polymers

Colours: white

Skin formation: after 10-15 min

Hardening time: 8-10 days for 5mm

TDS Data Sheet

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Top product

Steve Jay
Best value Caulk

I have been using this caulk for over 3 years and it has never let me down really pleased thanks Paintshack for the recommendation. Jay Decs

Mike Mi Decor
Elastoplastic acrylic sealant

I ordered that product after reading a lot of good reviews. I used it in interior in a sun facing room. The caulk dried evenly and after 1hr it was ready to paint over again. I painted over it by Cova plus - ceilings, Dulux trade mat - walls and Zinsser Perma white - another room. Very, very good product - not flashing, not cracking, it is sticky but easy to apply and also not runny. I am happy to have a box in my car. Also I need to mention, great service and delivery!

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