Isomat Durocret-Plus Repair Mortar Grey 25kg



DUROCRET-PLUS is a pre-mixed, polymer modified, fiber-reinforced cement mortar, without corrosive substances, thus suitable for exterior and interior use.
It offers:
• Abrasion resistance.
• Very good bonding to the substrate.
• Water impermeability.
• Simplification of works.

Approx. 16.0 kg/m²/cm of layer thickness.
For forming fillets: 1.9-2.7 kg/m.

1. Substrate preparation The substrate should be clean, free of dust, oily or loose materials etc. Before applying DUROCRETPLUS, the substrate should be dampened.

2. Application DUROCRET-PLUS is added into the water under continuous stirring, until the mixture formed has the desired workability. The product is applied with a trowel, as usual.

Approx. 16 kg/m2 /cm of layer thickness. For forming fillets (5-6 cm side): 1.9-2.7 kg/m.

Form: cementitious mortar
Colors: grey
Grain size: up to 1.3 mm
Pot Life: 4 h at +20ºC
Water demand: 4.60 l/25 kg bag
Bulk density
of dry mortar: 1.45  0.10 kg/l
Bulk density
of fresh mortar: 1.90  0.10 kg/l
Compressive strength: ≥ 25.0 N/mm2
Flexural strength: ≥ 7.0 N/mm2
Elastic modulus: ≥ 15 GPa
Resistance to
carbonation: Pass
Chloride ion content: 0.00 %

• Paper bags of 25 kg:
12 months from production date.
• Plastic bags of 5 kg:
18 months from production date.

• Temperature during the application should be at
least +5ºC.
• During the summer, DUROCRET-PLUS should
be dampened after being applied, to avoid water
loss, due to high temperatures.
• The product contains cement, which reacts with
water forming alkaline solutions and is thus
classified as irritant.
• Consult the directions for safe use and
precautions written on the package.


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