Isomat Aqua Enamel Paint Eggshell Finish (Woodwork)


Isomat Aqua Enamel Paint Eggshell Finish (Woodwork)

Premium quality, water-based, enamel paint

Premium quality, new generation of Self Undercoating waterbased, enamel paint for wooden surfaces. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

ISOLAC-AQUA is characterized by high flexibility and coverage. It has excellent resistance to weather, ageing and frequent washing and therefore it does not yellow.  It has strong adhesion and is suitable for repainting surfaces coated with water-based or solvent-based enamel paints. It is almost odourless, it has excellent workability and dries quickly. It is available in Gloss, Satin & Eggshell.

Colours: white and 1950 selected (ISOMAT COLOR SYSTEM)

Type: water-based enamel paint

Opacity: min 97 %

Whiteness: min 95 % 

Drying time: 1 h (in touch)

Recoating in: 6 h

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