Indasa E-Series Mobile Vacuum Unit

Size: 30lt
Type: E-Series Mobile Vacuum Unit


Indasa has developed a high-performance dust extraction vacuum unit Maximise the Rhynogrip sanding systems and deliver a cleaner working environment. 

  • Compact Design and fully portable. 
  • Powerful 1200 watt motor. 
  • Self cleaning filters. 
  • 30lt dust collection capacity.
  • Multi-function intelligent control for manual or automatic start up to an electric sander.
  • Eltrotrostatic charge dispersion device.
  • 4m dust extraction hose with front connection point. 
  • Lockable wheel chassis.
  • Vacuum sleeve connector rotating 
  • Thread hose adaptor. 

Power 1200w 

Power output 2400w 

Air flow capacity 200m3 

Noise Level 70db 

Weight 10.5kg 

Container capacity 30lt 

Filter surface area 1m2 

Designed for the Indasa E-Series 5mm random orbital sander 150mm. 




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