Disbon 225 Disboseal Caulk/Joint Sealant 300ml

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Purpose of use

For connection joints on door and window frames, window sills, built-in furniture, lightweight walls and cladding. Also suitable for cracks and joints in aerated concrete, stone and plaster.
For use outdoors without constant exposure to moisture. 
UV and weather resistant properties

  • minimized emissions
  • Can be painted over with commercially available emulsion and alkyd resin paints
  • also adheres to damp, absorbent surfaces

Material base: Acrylate dispersion
Joint width
Min. 5 mm, max. 25 mm


Data Sheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dennis keogh
Worth every penny

I purchased this product off Steve when he first stocked it, it’s not the cheap as chips caulk found on every shelf but it’s worth every penny because it’s in a different league. I first used it on some exterior windows, caulking the wooden bead to glass, very smooth and not the running mess like some.
The joiner had used silicone between frame and brickwork,a nightmare! instead of trying to cut it all out I over caulked it with Disbon, it did take 3 coats ,I did find it tried quite quick which helped ( it was in the hot summer we had),I’ve been back this year, the caulking has a great flexibility and looks like the day I put it on, it stuck really well over the silicone .
It was all painted with PU Satin.

Stuart tweedale
Disbofug 225

First time using this caulk great gear nice and smooth not to wet drys nice and no crazing love it

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