Caparol Spray Tech Satin (Woodwork) High Build


Caparol Capacryl Spray Tech Satin (Interior Only)

Can be applied two and a half times thicker.

Water-based acrylic PU paint especially for spray application indoors.


  • High filling power
  • Very good hiding power
  • High stability up to 250 μm wet film thickness
  • Very high paint safety
  • Rational processing by airless spraying
  • Block resistant
  • Low odour
  • High scratch and impact resistance

Material base

Polyurethane-modified acrylic dispersion

Packaging / Package Size

Standard colour, White: 2.5lt, 5.0lt

ColourExpress,2.5lt, 5lt


ColourExpress: Producible through the ColourExpress stations in many shades of the 3D colour collection as well as in the colours of other collections.

For all silk-matt coatings, initial (temporary) pigment abrasion is possible in dark and intense shades.


Cool, frost-free 

Original sealed container 12 months shelf life.


about 1.3 g / cm 2

Suitability according to Technical Information No. 606 Definition of applications

inside 1

inside 2

inside 3

outside 1

outside 2






(-) not suitable / (○) conditionally suitable / (+) suitable


    TDS Data Sheet Airless-Satin 

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