Caparol Nespri FIXX Interior Matt Emulsion


Caparol Nespri FIXX 


Airless spray Nespri FIXX Interior Matt Emulsion

This wall emulsion has been designed to be sprayed using airless machines, This paint has very high opacity and contains conditioners to help with flow and finish and reduce overspray.

For mist free spraying you can use Nespri system see below.

Nespri® FIXX

Special interior paint for efficient coating using the Nespri-TEC spraying method.

Product Description

Suitable for application with special, mist-free Nespri-TEC spraying method. High coverage interior

paint for matt (flat) coatings on walls and ceilings.

Due to high filling properties of Nespri® FiXX the paint is ideally suitable for coating woodchip/ingrain

wallpapers, equalising butt joints.

Field of Application

■ Efficient application with special, mist-free Nespri-TEC spraying method.

■ Emission-minimised, solvent-free, unplasticised. 

■ Free of fogging-active substances.

■ Diffusion-capable.

■ sd-value < 0.1 m

■ Easy to touch up.

■ Due to the high opacity in most cases one coat will be sufficient.


Material Properties

Material Base / Vehicle Synthetic resin dispersion/emulsion according to German standard DIN 55 945.

■ Colour Express: 12.5 litres

Packaging/Package Size

White. Tintable with AmphiColor® (AVA) or CaparolColor colourants. White Nespri® FiXX material can

be mixed in the shades of CaparolColor. If more than one bucket is manually tinted, all product must

be thoroughly mixed before use to avoid colour differences. Spray-mist formation may possibly

be increased using self-tinted material. Delivery of individual colours ex works, on request.

Check tinted paint before applying, to avoid colour deviation. Always use tinted paint of same batch,

when applying on seamless surfaces.

Nespri® FiXX is tintable per all current colour collections via the Colour Express tinting &

mixing machine system, in light/bright colour shades to luminosity/lightness index (LI) approx. 70.


Gloss Level Dull matt (Dead-matt per DIN EN 13 300)

Storage Keep in a cool, but frost-free place.

Technical Data Characteristics per DIN EN 13 300: Tinting may cause variations.

■Wet abrasion: Wet abrasion Scrub Resistance Class 3, corresponds to

"wash-resistant" as per DIN 53778


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
kevin Eaton
great finish

after talking to steve and Colinand taking there advise , i use this for spraying a new build training room for a new customer
customer was very happy with the finish it gave ,
many thanks paintshack

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