Caparol NAST HaftPrimer (Spray Application)


Caparol NAST HaftPrimer

NAST mist-free spraying technology

The mist-free spraying technology NAST by Caparol enables professionals to work in a rational and time-saving manner. With the precisely coordinated Capacryl NAST enamels, this technology can be easily, fast and professionally applied to achieve the desired results. The specially developed front-end nozzles for the Wagner-XVLP spraying device always ensures and even, fine spraying result. NAST is the reliable high-tech alternative to brush and roller!

Benefits and areas of application

  • Mist-free, professional spraying
  • Interior & Exterior use.
  • Easy to handle and easy to use
  • Low cleaning and maintenance input
  • Excellent value for money
  • Quick change of material and paint
  • High covering power on component parts and surfaces
  • For all surfaces, such as doors, wall panels and wooden ceilings 
  • Specially suitable for sensitive areas such as nursery schools, schools, hospitals, offices and apartments


Capacryl Haftprimer NAST

  • The "miracle worker" for exterior as well as interior application
  • Mist-free spraying technology
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Exceptional adhesion power

TDS NAST Haftprimer


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
AJ Green
Go to primer

Great product, our go to primer. Great service as always!

Ron Taylor
Excellent Product

I’ve been using this product on my current job and have been blown away with it. Using with a Wagner 5000 XVLP it requires no thinning and very little in the way of tinkering with spray settings. As it says on the tin there is very little mist on the room after spraying with most of the paint going exactly where you want it.
It applies well, covers very well and doesn’t want to run at the first opportunity, like some products do. Adhesion, as with the standard Haftprimer, is excellent.

kevin Eaton
another great product

use this a few weeks ago on a staircase , another great product from caparol & paintshack

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