Caparol Nespri Muresko Masonry Paint


Pure acrylic facade paint based on SilaCryl 

Using Nespri Formula if spray with Heated hose system and Nespri spray tips will provide very low over spray. 

Can be used on all intact external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS), load-bearing emulsion paint coats, organically bound plasters, mineral substrates, concrete, fibre cement, exposed brickwork, aerated concrete, cement-bonded chipboard and many more.

Depending on the dilution, Muresko allows structure-preserving or structure-levelling coatings. Especially suitable for the renovation of load-bearing old aerated concrete coatings and on aerated concrete assembly components.

Material Properties

  • Innovative, new SilaCryl® binder
  • Highest colour shade diversity
  • Versatile application
  • Protected against algae and fungal attack
  • Very good adhesion to most façade surfaces
  • Alkali-resistant, therefore unsaponifiable 

Material Base / Vehicle

Silanised pure acrylate on SilaCryl® binder base with silicone coating

Packaging/Package Size

  • White/Colours 12,5 l

Data Sheet

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