Caparol Haftgrund EG Wall Primer (Miss Coat) Interior & Exterior


Caparol Haftgrund EG Wall Primer (Miss Coat) Interior & Exterior 


White, open-time extended special primer paint for opaque priming indoors and outdoors before subsequent dispersion, dispersion silicate, and silicone resin paints. Adhesion-promoting pre-coating on smooth, load-bearing substrates, eg on plasterboard (GK), concrete, as well as on weakly absorbent mineral plasters PIc - PIII, gypsum plasterboard and finished plasters PIV and gypsum plasterboard. As a handy base coating against wallpapering of all kinds on smooth, slightly absorbent surfaces.


  • Silicable for subsequent dispersion silicate paints
  • non-slip base coat, especially on thin plaster spatulas
  • open-time prolonging for follow-up paintings
  • Preservatives-
  • adhesion on weakly absorbent substrates

material base

Modified, remineralizing plastic dispersion according to DIN 55945.

Packaging / Package Size

  • Standard product: 5 l, 12.5 l. 
Colours White 

inside 1 inside 2 inside 3 outside 1 outside 2
+ + + + +
(-) not suitable / (○) conditionally suitable / (+) suitable

LV Texte

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