Caparol Wetterschutz (Wood Protection Paint) Long Lasting Exterior Satin Finish


Caparol Capadur (Vetter-schutz-farbe) NQG Satin Finish 20% Sheen.

Water-dilutable, covering wood paint for long-lasting clean and durable wood surfaces outdoors.

Nano-Quartz-Matrix Technology for long-lasting clean surfaces.

Product Description
For colourful design and protection of  wood, e.g. wooden cladding, shutters, gates, framework, etc., and wooden parts of unstable shape, e.g panelling, fences, shingles,
balustrades, pergolas, etc. Also suitable for down pipes and rain pipes made of rigid PVC and galvanised metal sheets.
Mineralised polymer surface, due to Nano Quartz Matrix Technology, for long-lasting clean surfaces without any loss of coating film elasticity.
This product is has a preservative against deterioration in the coating film due to fungal (fungi/mildew/mould) and algal (algae) attack. In most cases such a film preservation ensures an effective protection for years against fungal & algal attack.
But the content of film preservation agent is reduced to an ecologically worthwhile/justifiable rate, thus in individual cases a premature attack may occur, highly depending on the biological loads on site. In spite of containing a film preservation, on boards made of derived timber products (e.g. plywood, veneer plywood, laminated veneer lumber a durable protection against fungal attack cannot be guaranteed. On principle, a premature attack must be taken into consideration (even before lapse of warranty time).
Roof soffits are, depending on construction and finish, also highly prone to fungal attack, thus cannot be warranted. Together with constructional/structural measures the use of preservative agent is the only way to protect the surface film of coatings for a longer period against the risk of fungal and algal (algae) attack.
Field of Application
■ Water-dilutable.
■ Low odour.
■ Easy and elegant application.
■ Low-dripping viscosity.
■ Diffusion-permeable.
■ Highly weather-resistant.
■ Resilient.
■ Protects the surface temporarily from fungal (fungi/mildew/mould) & algal attack.
■ Diffusion equivalent air layer thickness at 150 µm of dry film thickness:
■ Nano-Quartz-Matrix Technology for long-lasting clean surfaces.
Material Properties Nano-Quartz-Matrix modified synthetic resin dispersion/emulsion, particularly for wood construction elements.
Material Base / Vehicle
■ White: 750 ml, 2.5 l, 
■ Deep Black: 750 ml, 2.5 l
■ Colours via ColorExpress: 700 ml, 2.5lt 


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