Caparol AkkordVlies G 45 SP Fleece 50m x 1m (For Interior Walls)


Capaver AkkordVlies G45 SP

Special glass fleece made from natural raw materials for reinforcing filler compounds indoors

fleece for smoothing rough surfaces and bridging shrinkage and drying cracks

Not swellable
Dimensionally stable
Crack bridging

Capaver glass fleeces are made of glass fibers with a diameter> 5 µm and are therefore not respirable. Despite the highest degree of integration of the glass particles, they can be released to a very limited extent by cutting the fleece and cause itching in people with sensitive skin, which subsides after the work is finished.

Structural cracks cannot be covered with Capaver AkkordVlies G45 SP.

Interior surfaces made of mineral plasters of mortar group PII and PIII, gypsum and ready-made plasters of mortar group PIV, plasterboard, plasterboard, concrete surfaces

Substrate preparation
The subsurface must be firm, dry, stable, clean, level and free of any separating substances. Observe VOB, Part C, DIN 18366, Section 3 and our Technical Information No. 650. The lower temperature limit for processing is +5 ° C for object and ambient temperature.

Coating build-up
Apply the filler/plaster in sufficient quantity for 2 to 3 lanes, comb through with a stainless steel notched trowel (6 x 6 mm), insert Capaver AkkordVlies G45 SP and press evenly with a stainless steel smoothing trowel or a stainless steel spatula and level until it is completely covered, Do not press approx. 5 cm in the edge area towards the next strip.

Lay in the next strip with an overlap of approx. 5 cm and press down to the seam area. Make a double seam cut in the seam area, remove sections and press the seam area lightly. The seam area can then be reworked and smoothed like the surface before.

1.1m / m 2
Processing conditions
Basically, the inside of the roll should be placed facing the wall.

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