Caparol AkkordRollspachtel Plaster 18kg Tub

Size: 18kg
Colour: Grey

Caparol AkkordRollspachtel 18kg Tub


Ready-to-use, paste-like filler/Plaster with a very low weight, which can be applied with a paint roller and then smoothed down to zero with a smoothing disc or with a surface squeegee.
Suitable for achieving surface qualities of quality levels Q3 or Q4 in accordance with the requirements of BVG Leaflet No. 2 or BFS Leaflet No. 12 and for reworking structural plasters, glass fabric, mineral plasters, concrete as well as plasterboard and plasterboard (plasterboard), etc.


  • emission-minimized and solvent-free
  • high adhesive strength
  • easy and smooth to apply and smooth
  • Drying through in thick layers without cracks
  • Can be sanded dry very well or felted wet
  • diffusible
  • water-dilutable, environmentally friendly and low-odor
  • flame retardant

Material base

Plastic dispersion according to DIN 55945 and light mineral fillers.

Packaging / container sizes

18 kg plastic bucket


Natural white.


Storage Cool but frost-free.

Suitability according to Technical Information No. 606 Definition of the areas of application

inside 1 inside 2 inside 3 outside 1 outside 2
+ - - - -
(-) not suitable / (○) partially suitable / (+) suitable



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