Caparol All Grund Fast Drying Solvent


Caparol Totalprimer (AllGrund) Fast Drying Solvent

Field of Application

Fast-drying, rust inhibitive priming coat with high adhesion on iron and steel and wash primer on aluminium, copper, zinc (galvanised surfaces), unplasticized (rigid) PVC, wood, and derived timber products.

Field of Application

■ Fully-fledged anti-corrosive primer on iron and steel (per German standard DIN 18363). ■ Fast-drying, already recoatable after 3 hours ■ Excellent adhesion to most substrates. ■ High weather resistance. ■ Free of aromatic hydrocarbons.

Material Properties

Special synthetic resin combination with active anti-corrosion pigments and non-aromatic solvents

TDS Data Sheet 

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