Caparol Holzschutz-Grund 750ml Waterbased Wood Preserver


Field of Application

For impregnating priming coats on dimensionally stable wood, e.g. windows and doors.
For wood/wooden parts with limited dimensional stability, e.g. shutters, gates, panelling with tongue and groove, framework, etc., and for wooden parts of unstable shape, e.g. fences, shingles, balustrades, pergolas, etc.
Only for exterior use. For protection of exterior wood/timber -not being subjected to static loads and having no contact to the ground- from decay and blue stain. Front doors and windows are allowed to be all-side protected with Capacryl Holz­schutz-Grund.

Material Properties

  • Water-dilutable.
  • Preventive protection against wood destructive and discolouring fungi.
  • Excellent penetration properties.

Colour Clear/Transparent 

TDS Data Sheet

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