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Two Fussy Blokes Mini Roller Sleeve's 5mm Smooth -
Two Fussy Blokes Dacron Roller Sleeves 10mm Semi Smooth Two Fussy Blokes
Pelican wooster hamilton purdy arrowworth blaze brush roller tray scuttle Paint grids metal grid -
Metal Paint grids
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Olfa Japanese Glass Scraper GSR-2 A compact scraper suitable for cleaning such as glass and small spaces of a kitchen. The blade and metallic components are all stainless steel, and the body structure prevents water and dirt from building up inside, which makes it possible to keep it clean.
Stairrods Safety Stair rods 14 working range from 28” to 40” for decorators paints dust sheets stairs anti slip- paintshack
Ciret Black Plastic Roller Trays - paintshack
Rustoleum Pre-Paint Cleaner 1lt - paintshack
Door Deckers provides a door painting system, enabling painting both sides and edges of a door at the same time. The horizontal positioning of the door as it is finished allows the application of a heavier mil thickness without runs or sags. Allows the applicator to finish doors at a comfortable working level without stooping or bending. Saves space by allowing the finished doors to be stacked to dry. Ideal for hollow or solid wood doors, hollow metal doors, shutters, and shelves.
Olfa Japanese Steel Snap Off 18mm Knife & Blades - paintshack
Comfort grip handle. Suitable for mini rollers. 5mm bar, 250mm frame length.
Indasa Low Tack Clothes 15pk (400mm x 400mm) - paintshack
Fine Mesh Nylon Paint Strainers 10pk
Rota Heavy Duty Cage Frame 230mm (9") Screw fit Handle - paintshack
Axus Quick-Mix Mini Paint Mixer mixes upto 12.5lt tubs of paint  - paintshack
Axus Blue FLEX-E-BOWL 500ml for using filler - paintshack
Axus Blue Flexible Filler Bowl
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14 10 20 10 Ciret 2.5L Recycled Plastic Kettle -
Axus Arystox CERAMIC OXIDE: Self-sharpening for rapid removal and extra long life  STEARATE COATING: Resists clogging  FLEXIBLE FOAM: Adapts to any surface contour  CAN BE USED WET OR DRY Paintshack
The Axus Decor S-Fill is a filling life like no other, created to help you achieve smooth substrate repairs countless times.
Purdy Adjustable Frame 12-18" - paintshack
Re-usable cotton sheet rubber embossed bottom layer holds the sheet firmly in place -Impermeable top layer stops paint from leaking through. Heavy duty dust sheet perfect on slippery floors for added grip like Vinyl, laminate, Tiles etc....
Olfa Japanese Steel Snap Off 9mm Cutter OLFA® STAINLESS STEEL™ cutter are sharper than most other snap-offs in the world, and rust-proof.
15L Black Plastic Scuttle - paintshack
tesa® Easy Cover Spray 4451 Is the ideal solution for painting jobs with paints and lacquers on door frames or skirting boards, for example. Protection is safe and reliable. The masking paper has a length of 25m and a width of 20cm.
Olfa Japanese Steel Wallpaper Cutter 12.5mm The OLFA® MT-1/WP was designed & developed on request from British decorators. It is the only cutter made specifically for cutting wallpaper, and it does that very task effortlessly.
Pro-Fill Compact Filler Applicators (Euro Filling Blades)
CERAMIC OXIDE: Self-sharpening for rapid removal and extra long life  STEARATE COATING: Resists clogging  HD FOAM: Resists deformation  CAN BE USED WET OR DRY Paintshack
Caparol Special glass fleece made from natural raw materials for reinforcing filler compounds indoors Plaster Paintshack
Axus Sealant Applicators 11 different profiles For all types of silicone, mastic, caulks and fillers Each box of profilers contains 3 different profilers Helps you achieve clean profiles and permanent sealing
PREP Polythene Dust Sheets - paintshack
The original decorating sponge, made with super absorbent cellulose making them ideal for all decorating tasks and large surface cleaning, including washing down, wallpaper hanging, cleaning tiles and so much more. Paintshack
Axus Multi-Mix Paddle 80mm - paintshack
15L Scuttle Liners
Beissier Prestonett Int/Ext Ready Mixed Wood Filler 125ml
Deltec Extreme Masking Tape
Hippo Multi Purpose Bamboo Trade Wipes are environmentally friendly and will successfully remove dirt & grime including most paints, oils and adhesive.
Hippo High Performance Carpet Protector
Perfect for water-based paints. Recommended for primers and topcoats.
Prestonett Beissier Lightweight ready mixed filler Paintshack
Deltec Unitack Paper 300mm x 25m
Axus Fibre Pro Scrub Pads Suitable for:  Matting down glossy surfaces prior to painting Removing surface contaminants  Rust removal Light metal polishing General abrasive cleaning Can be used wet or dry Paintshack
Perfect for water-based paints. Recommended for primers and topcoats.
Prep Rodo Ciret Hamilton Cotton twill with polythene backing protects against dust, dirt, splashes and spatter.  Cotton top absorbs paint spills and polythene backing prevents it soaking through. Paintshack
Peacock Easy trimmer Wallpaper Knife   Designed with angled edge that smooths as it cuts for a perfect finish.  Makes hanging wallpaper simple. Easy to use Can be used against any edge or corner. Includes 4 free blades.  Use 9mm Snap Off Blades
Re-developed based on the BSR scraper, the OLFA® XSR-200/300 benefits from X-DESIGN™ excellence. This means that it has a very comfortable, anti-slip grip, allowing you to use maximum pressure to scrape. The elastomeric grip takes a lot of the pressure off your hand.
The Sili Boys covers have been designed to fit directly over electrical switches and sockets. The unique flexible design allows the cover to stay firmly in place, fully protecting the switch or socket whilst decorating, and completely removing the need to use masking tape.
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