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Caparol Spray-Tec Filler (High Build Coat) Can be applied 4 times thicker than normal coats


Capacryl Airless-Filler

Field of Application


Emulsion based undercoat filler for interior use.

Field of Application

Highly filling undercoat lacquer, suitable for spray application on primed surfaces in interiors before applying waterborne enamels, e.g. Capacryl Airless-Satin and Capacryl PU-Satin/PUGloss.

Material Properties

  • High filling capacity.
  • Excellent opacity (hiding/covering power).
  • High stability up to 450 µm wet film thickness.
  • Very easy to sand.
  • Efficient application with airless spray process.
  • High degree of whiteness.
  • High dry film thickness.
  • Lead- and chromate-free

Material Base / Vehicle

Synthetic resin dispersion/emulsion




Substrate Preparation

Priming Coat

Intermediate Coat

Intermediate Coat

Finishing Coat

Wood, derivative timber products






Capacryl Holz-IsoGrund





Capacryl Airless-Füller (Filler)





If necessary: Capacryl Spray-tec-Satin or Capacryl PU-Satin/PU- Gloss





Capacryl Spray-tec-Satin or Capacryl


Iron, steel



Capalac AllGrund

Zinc, galvanised surfaces


BFS No. 5

Capacryl Haftprimer



BFS No. 6

Capacryl Haftprimer

Hard/unplasticized PVC


BFS No. 22

Capacryl Haftprimer

Sound existing paint coatings1)


Sand slightly/treat slightly with alkali

Capacryl Haftprimer

1) Prepare and prime damaged spots according to the respective substrate requirements.

Note: Adhesion must be tested in advance for powder coatings, coil coatings and other critical substrates by trial coating.


Approx. 220 ml/m2  at 200 µm wet film thickness.

Consumption is a reference value and may vary, depending on the nature of substrates and substrate condition.

Determine the exact amount of material required by coating a test area on site.


    Keep in a cool, but frost-free place.
    Shelf life: 12 months in original, tightly closed container.

    Need a custom colour?

    Our range can be ordered in any colour across the spectrum. Please call us for a quote or just need a colour card we will put one in the post!

    Email: info@paintshack.co.uk


    TDS Data Sheet Airless-Filler     Caparol Colour Card Pdf        Caparol Colour Spectrum


    Please be aware that the colours you view online are only representative and are not an exact replication of the actual colour.

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