Wagner NespriPRO (SF33)


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Powerful and proven: NespriPRO offers a lot of performance thanks to the patented long-stroke membrane technology and avoids fluctuations in droplet formation due to the uniform material conveying. At the same time, the application efficiency for spraying is optimized. NespriPRO is ideal for everyday use indoors and outdoors and scores particularly well for large objects. The hose, which is up to 45 metres long, enables power-saving, rational work even across several scaffolding steps.

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Buying option Include: 

NespriPRO Only: NespriPRO (SF33 Plus + NespriKIT)

NespriPRO + Nespri-FIXX: NespriPRO (SF33 + NespriKIT + 2x Nespri-FIXX)

NespriPRO + Nespri-MAXX: NespriPRO (SF33 + NespriKIT + 2x Nespri-MAXX)

Expert tip from Caparol product manager Siegfried Heinz: The Nespri-TEC system is ready for use in about ten minutes, then the paint can be applied to the wall surface. The system has a conveyor hose of 30 meters in length. If the Nespri-TEC system is positioned centrally in the middle of the surface to be coated, up to 60 metres of wall space can be applyable without any modifications. As an accessory, a further 15 meters of conveyor hose can be connected, so that 90 meters of wall area can be efficiently provided with paint. The efficiency of the wall coating can be further increased by processing from a 120-litre barrel, because the temporary refilling of the system is reduced. Cleaning of the system is only necessary in the event of a change of colour, prolonged standstill or maintenance work. This saves additional time if you want to continue work the next day.

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