Rustoleum GraffitiShield Wax 10lt




PDS Data Sheets

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A biodegradable, semi-permanent wax-based Anti-Graffiti Coating, suitable for use on surfaces in need of protection against graffiti and other pollutants.


Biodegradable; solvent-free; UV resistant; easy to apply; virtually invisible; water vapour permeable; economical to use; quick-working.


Once it has hardened, GraffitiShield WAX is very resistant to many types of ink and paint.

Graffiti can be easily removed with hot water. Once the graffiti has been removed, the cleaned

areas should once again be coated with GraffitiShield WAX. Once the hardening period has

passed, this will ensure that the treated surface is once again resistant to graffiti.

Suitable surfaces: dimension stone, brick, calcium silicate, concrete, acrylic, and marble. It is

important that the surfaces used can be cleaned under high pressures, at a water

temperature of 70-90˚C.


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