Rhynosoft HT Discs 150mm UltraVent


 Abrasive sanding discs

Grit Range Standard 15 Hole Ultravent 80-320 grit 

Grit range Fine finish Ultravent pad  P80 - P180 (21 hole) P240 - P2000 (57 hole)


  • Delivers a new dimension to prolonged performance and consistency of finish
  • Faster and sustained cutting action
  • Latex backing paper for increased flexibility
  • High performance resin resists heat build up
  • Lubricant coating minimises abrasive loading

Ultravent Technology

  • Advanced dust free sanding process
  • Backing pad innovation - patented vent channel technology maximises vacuum air flow
  • Unique configuration allows for easy disc fix to backing pad
  • Extraction capacity virtually eliminates abrasive clogging
  • Keeps contaminants out of the repair process

Indasa Rhynosoft Discs 150mm Ultravent

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